One of the best parts of my business is the bond I build with my clients. It is so rewarding getting to know couples and go through the journey of child birth with them. Here are just some of the kind words my clients have said about me…

Carole your Hypnobirthing classes were amazing, so relaxed yet informative, we have learnt so much that we now feel very excited and much better prepared for the birth of our baby.

Kelly & Phil

I loved every minute of your fantastic aromatherapy sessions, I feel so relaxed and I am really looking forward to using my chosen oils when the time comes to give birth to our baby. I will let you know ‘how it goes’…


We had our gorgeous baby boy in the birth centre, only had gas and air and went in the birth pool, exactly how we wanted it, labour was only 3 and a half hours and he came out so relaxed! Hypnobirthing was amazing, best experience! Thank you Carole so much for all your help.

Jenny and Simon

Hypnobirthing and the techniques we were able to put to use, along with being able to question any suggestions during labour were a huge help and we are certainly grateful for everything you did with us. Thank you for everything Carole.

Rachel and Stephen

Hi Carole, thank you so much for all of the advice and encouragement. Im sure it went a long way towards us achieving the drug free and intervention free birth we both wanted. I should also add that I came out of the experience with nothing more than a graze, thanks to all the massaging and breathing exercises you promote. Having now been through the birthing experience myself, I totally agree that my body knew exactly what to do. Hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to trust it. Again, many thanks and best wishes.

Emma, Will and GG