Antenatal Classes

Parenting Courses & Breastfeeding Workshop…

As an experienced midwife I know the difference it can make to a couples birthing journey when they have been fully prepared, know what to expect and how they can work together to help achieve a positive experience. It is really important that mothers and their partners have the right preparation for birth and life with a new baby. I understand that every couple and their baby are unique, so I plan my sessions with this in mind. Both of these sessions are booked in the comfort of your own home at times to suit.

The full Parenting Course is 4hrs in total and focuses on;

  • Self help during pregnancy
  • Bonding with your baby during pregnancy
  • Understanding how your body works during Labour & Birth
  • Being fully prepared for Labour & Birth
  • Active Birth
  • Water Birth
  • How you can help yourself
  • Partner support
  • Breathing & Relaxation
  • Understanding Medical Intervention
  • Help from drugs
  • The magical first hour after birth
  • Caring for your baby
  • Life with a new baby

Parents who have had a baby before and want an update can book a refresher session.

Breastfeeding Workshop is 2hrs and includes lots of practical tips to help with breastfeeding your baby.

My Parenting sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and can be booked in the comfort of your own home at times and days to suit.

Please see my prices section for course fees and contact Carole if you need anymore information.