Reflexology is not just a foot massage but a way of treating the whole body, it aims to restore balance so that the body can work in harmony to promote health. Working on specific zones on the soles of your feet, during pregnancy it can be very relaxing and may treat various pregnancy symptoms, such as sickness, constipation, stress, tiredness, backache and some pelvic girdle pain.

Reflexology can be performed regularly for general health and wellbeing or occasionally as a relaxing treatment. It has also be proven to be useful in helping a natural start to labour, so reducing the need for medical induction of labour.

Lots of research shows that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy may help to make labour easier and more efficient.

Reflexology can be booked at anytime during pregnancy, as the treatment will be adapted depending upon the stage of pregnancy. Treatments can also be continued after birth.

Postnatally, Reflexology can support recovery from birth and help with the hormonal in balance that contributes to low mood and postnatal depression.

Treatments can be booked in your own home, time and day to suit, all you need is a comfy place to relax.

Home treatments mean that you can continue to relax at home after the treatment, this is a real benefit for pregnant and new mums.

Please see prices section for fees and contact Carole if you need anymore information or want to make a booking.